Try Get Glue and get an expert status

In a recent post titled “Way to promote your blog at Yahoo Answers”, I emphasized how striving to get an expert status at Yahoo Answers can help you promote or bring traffic to your blog. In short, what I wanted to get through is the fact that when a person becomes an expert, he/she is taken more seriously and hence listened well. So what an expert writes on his/her blog is also well received.

Now, one can apply the same principle to other social networks or anywhere where people network to promote anything one has expertise at.

Talking of the Expert status, GetGlue by AdaptiveBlue, a recommendation engine helps you get an Expert status by learning more about you. Once you get it, it’s up to you, how you use this status to your advantage.

Get Glue does this by learning more about you by :

1) Getting you to fill out a survey or profile
2) Getting you to rate or review items
3) Watching your search history patterns.

Alike other recommendation engines, Get Glue too works on three levels, or rather three concentric circles. You and your likes / dislikes are in the center. Your friends form a ring around you, and the whole GetGlue community forms the largest circle.

So try Get Glue, and see if you can get an expert status in the categories they have stacked. --------

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