Use Yahoo answers to bring traffic to your blog

What is Yahoo Answers:

Yahoo Answers is a service, where people can find answers to their questions. All one needs, to be able to post a question at Yahoo answers is a yahoo email id.

When a user posts a question at yahoo answers, he/she in a way makes a request to other users to help find answers. So whenever a question is posted by a user, other users provide answers to the questions. The answers appear as a list below the posted question; which can be easily scanned by the questioner to find the answer which answers the question, best.

What users get for contributing answers:

In exchange of the effort Yahoo users put to find answers to the questions; a user gets 2 points for each answer. In addition, if a user’s contribution/answer is chosen the best, either by the questioner or by yahoo answers community, the user gets 10 points as a reward.

The points so earned, catapult a user to progressive levels. Higher the pointed earned, higher the level reached. The higher the level, higher is the popularity of the user in Yahoo answers community.

But apart from this, a user also gets traffic to his/her blog for contributing answers.

Bring Traffic to your Blog using Yahoo Answers:

In short using Yahoo answers to bring yourself valuable traffic is making yourself a Guru in the category you chose to answer, it can be single or multi. When you use Yahoo Answers, you bring traffic to your blog in this manner:

--When as a user, you post answers to other users’ questions, you increase the chances of the other contributors and the questioner, visiting your yahoo Answers profile (So make sure you put the blog you want to bring traffic to, in your profile).

--Contributing answers to the questions which match your interest or expertise, establish you as an expert in that niche. So people pay attention to what you say, not only at yahoo answers but also at your blog.


So start using Yahoo Answers and bring the most valuable thing for a blog: the Traffic. And remember and plan your answers wisely, as not only the number of contributions, but the quality of answers, also matter; as the percentage of best answer tags you manage to receive is a very attractive metric, not to be ignored at any cost. --------

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