Way to promote your blog at Yahoo Answers

In my earlier post , I explained how Yahoo answers can be used to promote a blog. In this article let I share with you the strategy that can be used to promote a blog. But before that some basic things.

Choose a yahoo screen name which serves best to your field of expertise or the subject you blog about. This will give others an obvious clue about the reason for your presence. Choose a yahoo screen name that says something about you and/or your blog.This will help you cement your yahoo presence. Don't keep the default profile pic; instead put your photograph in your profile.

How to promote the blog:

Choose the particular blog post or the entire blog, which you want to bring traffic to or promote; and put it in your Yahoo answers profile. You have to keep these links handy, as you’ll also be using these, when you answer a question.

Now although Yahoo answers forbids you from promoting your links, while answering a question; it allows you to add those links to your answer which in a way enrich an answer.

For example if you answer a question—“How to add a widget to blogger blog”; you can add a link which you think is the source of your answer or helps in detailed explanation.

Now there are two ways by which you can promote your blog content or your links.

If you blog about a particular niche, then you just keep answering questions stacked under the yahoo answers category/subject same as that of your blog subject.As you progress to higher levels, you’ll increase visitations to your Yahoo Answers profile.

But if you blog about a number of things, on a single blog; then the best way to promote your content is to answer those questions which are related to your recent post. For this you first have to do an advanced search on yahoo answers for the topic that promotes your recent post, if you chose to answer it. And while answering the question, you just add that particular post as a source or as a link assisting explanation.

And one more thing, post a thoughtful answer. An answer which honestly tries to solve the problem of the questioner. This means adding your blog post link to your answer only when you think your post explains or assists the answer best. If you think contrary, then add the link, which fits in the situation; no matter if some one else’s. --------

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