What iPhone v.4 is likely to have

Amidst all talks about the Apple Tablet launch next week, Gizmodo has trained its sight on the iPhone v.4 ; likely to be launched this year(Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturer, is rumored to have already received the order); looking at some key rumours making rounds and the likelihood of them finding a place in the final reality.

1)When will Iphone v.4 be announced:

The time period between the past iPhone announcements and its release is continuously decreasing. So while the first iPhone was announced in Janaury 2007 and released six months later. The announce and release time periods for 3G and 3GS shrinked to 2 and 1 month respectively. So it’s unlikely that iPhone v.4 will be announced along with Apple tablet next week, as normally iPhones come around the mid of a year.

2)When will iPhone v.4 be released:

Merely looking at the past three iPhone releases, the iPhone 4 is likely to drop this summer, Any time late June or early July.

3)Will it run on a 4G wireless network:

This is not likely to happen. The points in support are:

a) iPhone 3G and 3GS both run on AT&T's 3G network, with the 3GS supporting the speedier 7.2 Mbps HSDPA network. With the network far from running at full capacity, there is still space for the new phone.

b) The 4G LTE network AT&T is currently working on is not robust enough, to Apple’s liking.

So expect the new iPhone to continue running on the 7.2 Mbps HSDPA network.

4)Will iPhone v.4 coming to Verizon:

Not likely to happen. The points in support:

a) Apple will have to make a totally new iPhone to run on Verizon's CDMA network is a big hinderance. So v.4 will remain with AT&T.

5)What processor will iphone v.4 have:

Since PA Semi chips are running the forthcoming tablet; it is likely that Apple would go a similar route for the next iPhone.

6)How much storage will iPhone v.4 will have:

The answer is 64GB. With both Samsung and Toshiba having some new 64GB NAND; and the 3GS already having 32GB; Apple iPhone v.4 having 64 GB looks pretty obvious.

7)What graphics chip iPhone v.4 will have:

The answer is PowerVR SGX545 GPU. Why? As Imagination Technologies, the company behind the iPhone 3GS's PowerVR SGX535 GPU, has recently announced the next version in that line, the PowerVR SGX545 GPU.

8)Will iPhone v.4 have video chat:

The answer is NO. The main argument against this happening is that AT&T's network can’t handle the video chat. But it could be done with a Wi-Fi-only implementation. In addition, the feature is not practically attractive,; the idea of holding your phone up in front of your face at arm's length seems impractical.

9)Will iPhone v.4 has a High-Resolution AMOLED Screen:

As the phones form the competitors , Motorola Droid and the Nexus One have bigger screens with better resolution (Droid's screen is 3.7 inches with a 480x854 resolution and Nexus One 3.7-inch AMOLED 480x800 resolution screen), it appears likely that Apple ( iPhones have 3.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 320x480) will go for an screen upgrade. A patent filed by Apple for a slimmer, lighter dual-function touchscreen back in 2008, give strength to this screen upgrade runmour. The new The new touchscreen feature capacitors included in the pixels of the screen, is able to operate individually, eliminating the need for a touch sensor panel overlaid on the display; allowing the screens to be manufactured more cheaply and easily while also allowing for a thinner profile.

But whether or not the new phone will have an AMOLED(Apple's new LCD technology) screen is uncertain for one reason—All the apps in the App Store have been coded for a native resolution of 320x480, so a lot of work will have to be done to get them upscaled for a higher-resolution screen.

10)Will iPhone v.4 have a Stylus:

Although a patent filed by the company in July 2008 showing an iPhone being used with a stylus having a conductive tip, is giving strength to the stylus rumours; a new phone with a stylus is unlikely as of Steve Job’s dislike for Styluses.

11) Will iPhone v.4 have a Removable Battery:

As Apple has just revamped all of its laptops to have non-user-removable batteries, this seems highly unlikely.

12) Will iPhone v.4 have a Touch-Sensitive Casing:

A Goldman Sachs analyst thinks that the back of the new iPhone will be touch-sensitive, like the Magic Mouse. This would allow user to perform gesture-based control (like scrolling) by touching the back of the phone, without fingers blocking the screen. This at best is speculative, but makes sense.

13) Will iPhone v.4 have Wireless N Support:

Highly likely. The points in support:

a) Newest iPod Touch already has a Broadcom BCM4329 chip inside that supports 802.11n and FM transmission.

b) A recent job posting by Apple for a Wi-Fi software engineer.

14)Will iPhone v.5 have a 5 Megapixel Camera:

The new phone is highly likely to have one. The points in support:

a) OmniVision Technologies, the company behind the iPhone 3GS's 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor, has won a new contract with Apple to produce millions of 5-megapixel sensors this year.

b) In addition, when one talks of an upgraded phone Mega Pixel count and storage size are the most basic indicators.

15) Will iPhone v.4 have an LED Flash:

Very Likely: The points in support:

a) Will improve iPhone's camera in dim light.

b) There's a rumor out there that Apple has ordered "tens of millions" of Philips' LumiLEDs.

16) Will iPhone v.4 have a Push-Button Antenna:

Apple had filed a patent for an antenna that pops out like a button. Aesthetics wise, the new phone having an antenna button popping out of the top, seems highly unlikely.

17) Will iPhone v.4 have a Bumpy Screen:

The credence to this feature comes from another Apple patent meant for either a tablet or a phone. A bumpy screen is touch screen that "create[s] physical bumps or dots for the user to feel when it is in keyboard mode."The new phone is unlikely to have this feature. --------