Will you like projecting a movie on your wall from your cellphone

With the progress in mobile technology, we are getting every standalone device of the past in our cellphones. Be it a digital camera, an mp3 player, a GPS and or anything else; all are now within your hand held device.

So how about projecting a movie on your living room wall from your cellphone?

You can't do it right now, but if a slew of devices showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show are an indication of something; then that will soon be happening too.And that way, you are replacing your large flat screen TV with a cellphone, if not very soon, but surely within next couple of years.

While large flat-screen TVs were all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show; companies like Microvision Inc and Texas Instruments Inc are having their focus on image viewing of a different type: projections from devices as tiny as cellphones.

The technology that is being used in these projections is the Pico technology. There has not been much use of this technology in commercial products up till now.

In CES this year, Microvision showed off a stand-alone projector that looked like a big bar of soap and projected crisp video images using laser technology. Although the company hopes to embed the technology in a range of consumer electronics including cameras and phones. It’s the cellphones which will decide for its ultimate success. So ultimately the phone is the largest opportunity for this technology.Ad the company is very well aware of the fact.

So if all goes well, you will be indeed projecting your favourite movie on the wall of your living room, sometime next year. --------