Fastest among 3G wireless networks in America

According to tests conducted and published by PC World, AT&T is by far the fastest 3G wireless network in America.

With over 50,000 speed tests conducted in 13 cities in the U.S. using both phones and 3G-connected laptops, AT&T came out as a leader in both Download and upload speeds, much ahead of the rivals Verizon and T-Mobile. Below are results:

Average Download speed:


Average Upload speed:

Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint________300 to 400kbps range

Details of the tests for 3G-connected laptops:

In the 13 cities PC World tested laptop performance; AT&T had the fastest upload speeds in all cities. With regard to download speed, AT&T ruled in 11 – exceptions being Denver and Phoenix, where T-Mobile ruled.

Details of the tests for cell phones:

With regard to Downlaod speed: AT&T proved fastest in 12 of 13 cities.
At upload front AT&T ruled 9 of the 13 cities. --------