Follow any Twitter list in a Google Reader

Lists are a good way to keep up with one’s interest. Whether it is keeping a close eye on a few users among those you follow or creating a close group of those who share the same passion; Lists are a good way to organize tweets without being overwhelmed.
But one thing which still makes the twitter Lists limited in their reach is the absence of rss feed option (Right now, Twitter has an RSS solution only for Favorites). Those among us who are in a habit of reading content in rss feed readers can easily understand this limitation.

So what is the solution ?

The solution is

Tweets are basically article headlines, so they can be logically shown as an RSS feed and can be read in an RSS reader like a Google Reader.

Here is a very simple and quick way to create an rss feed of any twitter list, so that it can be read in an rss reader:

Step 1. Create a list or access an existing list, which you want to follow.If you have not created a list before this is the way to create one.

Step 2. Copy URL of list.

Step 3. Go to and copy the list url in the specified filed and generate an RSS feed.

Step 4. Copy the generated RSS url

Step 5. Paste the RSS feed just generated in Add Subscription field of your Google Reader.

You can now Read the list just like you read other feeds in your rss Reader(Google Reader) --------