How to send DMs to Multiple Twitter Users

Up to now, most of my experience with direct messages constitutes of those automated DMs which land in my twitter inbox, whenever I follow someone and they thank me for following them.

A very insignificant number constitutes of those, when someone asked me something specific, which he/she doesn’t want to ask in public (like, does tech24hours feature numbers for Mac ?).

 I rarely use DMs myself; and the occasional DMs I send to people are the same automated ones which others send me plus those of the” answer a question” type.

So when I chose to write about “Sending DMs to multiple twitter accounts”, a question popped in my mind: Why would anyone want to send direct messages to multiple twitter accounts?

What are Twitter Direct Messages:

Direct Messages in Twitter can best be defined as an email of twitter (although, their resemblance with a tweet makes some to call it a private tweet – A tweet that is visible only to the sender and the recipient).

When a user sends a Twitter DM to another user, the tweet shows up in that user’s Twitter Inbox while a copy of that message gets saved in the sender’s Sent items. Just like a conventional email.

The possible scenarios can range from a few to many.

If one sits on twitter all day and considers Twitter DMs just like his/her primary messaging service (a regular email) then he/she would find not few but plenty of situations to send DMs to multiple users.

Like sending a party invitation to your real world friends, who are on twitter and also among your followers in twitter. If you are a blogger and hundreds of your followers ask you similar questions everyday, then you can answer them simultaneously. If you are a marketer and have to inform and update your team with same information all day; then sending DMs to multiple users can be effective for you too. So just considering twitter DMs like a primary email brings numerous scenarios.

But there are a few twitter imposed limitations which doesn’t allow a user to treat DMs as his/her primary email. First, Twitter lets a user send direct messages to any other Twitter user only if the latter follows him/her. Second big limitation is that one can send only one DM at a time.

So if a person wants to send DMs to multiple users (just as one send an email to multiple contacts); or to someone who’s not following him/her (there’s no such question in conventional emal services, all you need to know is the email id something like a twitter user name; and you can send the email); he/she has can’t do so from Twitter platform.

So what is the solution?


TweetGuru is a service which provides the solution to the first limitation; allows to send DMs to multiple Twitter users (up to 12 at a time) at one go.

Although it doesn’t allow a user to override the “must be a follower condition”(it’s a twitter privacy arrangement, so any utility or app can over ride it only if twitter thinks of better privacy arrangement). Power to send messages to multiple users among followers, is nonetheless a great efficiency tool.

How to use TweetGuru:

Allow TweetGuru to connect to your twitter account. Once done, put twitter usernames (up to 12 at a time) in ids field. Write the message you want to send to all. Click the “Send Multi DM” button.