Lenovo says it’s hard to sell slates

Computer maker Lenovo feels that it’s tough to sell slates. Although it’s not that Lenovo doesn’t have slate plans; but it feels the world doesn’t want a slate.

The company says that most of the time, consumers need a physical keyboard, so if you want to sell the slate to a heavy-duty office worker, there are chances he/she will not buy it. If the company targets a slate to all upscale consumers then they will also be buying device with some physical keyboard than a real keyboard less slate. In additon, Lenovo says though it has built slate tablet prototypes; but customers said that the design simply "will not work."

Taking on Apple, Lenovo says, if Apple is targeting a broad group of upscale consumers of all ages, then it’ll be tough for it as well. As it believes, even children aren't interested in slates. Lenovo claims that a feedback solicited by it from high-schoolers, revealed that a 14-year-old kid, will go for a device with a physical keyboard than a device with a virtual keyboard.

What Tech24Hours feels:

A slate priced competitively (priced between a smartphone and a laptop) and having some novelty value will make a place for it in the pc arena. It’s true that an absence of a physical keyboard will discourage a office worker, but still the novelty factor can alow upscale users to keep it as a preferred second device. Regarding the feedback of 14-year olds, I think kids that age, often see things from the volume angle. For them bigger is better. So if they are given the option to choose between a folding two piece /two or more componet device; and a single piece gadget they will go for the former (it’s like most kids want to own a truck, but with each passing year they show a transition to a car). That apart, 14 year olds, make opinion on the basis of how a certain thing looks on people they look up to. A non-existent slate or a prototype when seen without the people angle can hardly help them make a definite opinion. Slates will find its target among 25-35 age group.

An example of a Slate: