Money Google makes from typosquatting annually

First, what is typosquatting ?

Typosquatting—is the intentional registration of misspellings of popular website addresses (like registering maeshable or masheble etc [popular website mashable] ) to get website traffic. This diverted traffic is used for a variety of objectives, which are evolving with each passing day, and range from hosting sexually-explicit content to phishing to earning revenue from pay per click ads.

A recent study called Measuring Typosquatting Perpetrators and Funders, measuring the magnitude and extent of typosquatting has concluded that Google's revenue from typosquatting on the top 100,000 sites is $497 million per year.

The study is critical of Google (it being the major contributor to the typosquatting) for the company being aware of the presence of such sites(as misspelling name lands on the squatter site); but still keeping a blind eye to it.

If you want to know more about Typosquatting:

"Typosquatting" can mean trip to surprising, unpleasant Web sites.(technology today)(Website overview): An article from: Community College Week --------