Now add up to 10 pages to your Blogger blog

Up to now, if we have to add About Me information to our blogger blogs; we either have to create a new post, giving it no labels and posting it at some inaccessible date in the past; or create a new blogger blog, and giving it a name that is formed by post fixing aboutme to the blog name (something like

In the same way we showed other information (like Contact, Advertise, Disclaimer etc.) to our Blogger blogs.

No matter, how simple, the above hacks may appear, majority of us, were not happy with the arrangement. And more vocal among us were demanding, time and again, some additional pages for the additional information that needs to be shown at a blog.

The good news is Blogger has finally fulfilled that demand.

Released on 20 January 2010, we can now create up to 10 pages, to show information ((like Aboutme, Contact, Advertise, Disclaimer etc.)) at blogger blogs. The procedure is quite simple too; Create a New Page (just like you create a new Post) and link the page to the blog.

Currently the feature is available in Blogger in Draft (Know how to use Blogger in Draft)

How to create New pages in Blogger:

Step 1:  Login to Blogger in Draft:

Step 2:  Click the Posting | Edit Pages tab, and then click New Page. (If you are on Dashboard, click on New Post under blog link).

Step 3:  Once your page is published, link it to your Blog. One Blogger way of doing this, is from the new Pages widget, under Add widget. The Pages widget lets you add links to your pages as tabs at the top of your blog, or as links in the Add widget section in your blog's sidebar.

I think, some additional pages for the additional information for our blogs will make our blogs look more professional. --------