Show adsense ads on a mobile blog created using Google Reader

One of my previous posts explained a way to create the mobile version of an existing blog using Google Reader. This post will explain how to monetize a mobile blog (created thru Google Reader) using Adsense.

But before going for monetization, a small recap.

If you remember when we created a mobile version of an existing blog, what we did was to append the blog’s rss/atom feed to the following url:

So to get the mobile blog url of Tech24Hours, which is primarily a blogger blog, I just appended Tech24’s atom feed and successfully created Tech24Hour’s mobile site url:

One can do the same to get the mobile versions of any of his/her existing blogs.

Now to monetize (using Adsense) a blog so created; we have to understand a simple logic which helped us create a mobile blog of an existing blog thru Google Reader.

Here it is: The primary purpose of the Google Reader url (to which we append the rss/atom feed of a blog) is to make the atom/rss blog feed viewable in a mobile screen. In simple it’s adapting an existing blog to the mobile screen dimensions. So when we append the blog rss/atom feed to the Reader url, we are making no changes to the existing blog; we are just adapting it to a mobile viewing using Google Reader url.

So if we want to monetize the mobile blog, all we have to do is to enable Adsense for Feeds for the existing blog . And once done ads will show up in the mobile blog too. The reason-- you already know.

The mobile blog url of Tech24Hours, with Adsense for feeds activated on the rss/atom feed is this:

[If you notice, the appended blog feed url of monetized Tech24hours looks different from the atom feed which I appended to get the mobile blog url. The reason for this is: When I submitted my atom feed to Adsense for Feeds, it changed it to a feedburner url. So to show ads in my mobile blog, I appended the new modified feed. As Google had acquired Feedburner last year, it's better to submit the feedburner feed of a blog; but don't worry if you submit an atom feed, Adsense will change it to a feedburner feed]

Adsense for Feeds can be found under Adsense setup tab. Click on the Adsense for Feeds link and submit the rss/atom feed of the blog(the one you appended to get your mobile blog url).