Slow computers second most annoying thing for office workers

According to a recent survey conducted by Opinium research, among things that office workers complain most about– slow computers are the second most complained about thing.

The top ten office annoyances among office workers found by the survey are:

• Grumpy or moody colleagues (37 percent)
• Slow computers (36 percent)
• Small talk/gossip in the office (19 percent)
• The use of office jargon or management-speak (18 percent)
• People speaking loudly on the phone (18 percent)
• Too much health and safety in the work place (16 percent)
• Poor toilet etiquette (16 percent)
• People not turning up for meetings on time or at all (16 percent)
• People not tidying up after themselves in the kitchen (15 percent)
• Too cold/cold air conditioning (15 percent)

So if, as an office worker found any of the above annoying too, then you’re not alone. --------