Aircel bringing INQ mobiles to India

Aircel will sell the two latest handset models of British phone maker INQ Mobile in India. This is the first time; INQ will enter a major market outside Hutchison group.

In recent times there’s a big surge in the demand for mobile social networking in the fastest growing major mobile market. As a result mobile firms are keen to tap this social networking boom.

INQ Mini

INQ Chat

The two INQ models. the INQ Mini 3G and the INQ Chat 3G, integrate key features of Facebook and other social networking sites into the phone's address book, removing the need to separately log on to the service.

The INQ Mini 3G is the first mass-market phone with an Internet-based Twitter client. The phone will use Internet connections for sending the 140-character messages, called Tweets.

Both the models will become available in India later this week, the companies said. --------

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