EBay pays for benefiting from typosquatting

Al right I’m reacting to this news late. Al right, very late, but as the news is noteworthy, I couldn’t stop the urge to write on it.

First what is typo-squatting,

Say someone type searched, “Vuitton”, to buy or get information about Louis Vuitton products, at some search engine. But as he/she didn’t know the correct spelling of the ‘Vuitton’, the person typed an incorrect spelling. The person gets a result page consisting of web pages and sponsored/ad links, as per his/her misspelled word. The person chooses one of the top sponsored links, and reaches some page which sells some fake or products other than Vuitton. In this particular case, the website on which the searcher landed, has benefited from typo-squatting or misspelling.

A recent research found that Google makes $497 million annually from typo-squatting. Google benefits from typosquatting in a way opposite to the website mentioned above has benefited. Google allows typo-squatters (explained above) to buy the mis-spelled words, so that every time someone types the bought mis-spellings, typosquater’s link benefits. As Google is the biggest search engine, much ahead from the second, no wonder it manages to earn that money from typosquatting.

Last month Ebay is fined for benefiting from typosquatting just like the website mentioned in the example. A French court has ordered EBay to pay 200,000 euros ($270,000) to LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton for reserving (or buying) misspelled versions of brand names.

As EBay, indulged in Typosquatting, gives some indication that businesses are benefiting from it.

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