For Americans TV and Internet go side by side

The Nielsen Three Screen Report, released recently, has revealed facts regarding TV and internet, which bely the common wisdom. The common wisdom says that with growing popularity of the Web, traditional TV will eventually die. But the Nielson report says it’s not happening at least now,

According to the report findings,

Americans are spending more time watching television and surfing the Internet simultaneously, and nearly 60 percent of TV viewers use the Web at the same time at least once a month. This in short means, web is indeed not encroaching the domain of traditional TV, and both go side by side.

The study which tracked viewing across TV, the Internet and mobile phones, during the fourth quarter of 2009 found a 35 percent rise in the amount of time Americans used the TV and Internet simultaneously compared with the same quarter in 2008.

The findings seem quite logical to me, I sit on web at least 8 hours a day. And on an average my TV keeps running in the background for at least 4 hours during my internet use. But yes; “in the background”. Although my simultaneous use of internet and TV is too high, as my internet use is high too. But I feel that for those who use internet actively or make it a point to spend their leisure surfing web; will also be using the two simultaneously. But I have one question. It may be true that the simultaneous use of the two screens is going on, but who among the two is getting the attention? In my case, it’s the PC screen which gets most of my attention. TV just keep running in the background. I feel TV viewing is a leisure activity and one gets proper sense of it when there is complete focus. So does TV actually losing the battle?

If the attention is all what decides the survival of traditional TV, as it enables it to earn through advertisements. Then won’t losing the viewer attention to internet cost traditional TV ?

Other findings of the study:

-- Americans now spend 3.5 hours per month watching TV while on the Internet.

-- Active mobile video users grew by 57 percent over the year to 17.6 million from 11.2 million people, with much of the increase attributed to the growth of smartphones.

-- Americans now watch about 35 hours of TV per week and two hours of time-shifted TV via video recorders (DVR), with 25 to 34-year-olds making more use of time-shifting than any other age group.

--DVRs are now found in 35 percent of American households. --------

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