Galaxy S unveiled: A New android based phone from Samsung

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the world's second-biggest mobile phone maker, has recently unveiled a new Google Android based smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S.

The key feature of Galaxy S is the use of an advanced screen technology called Super AMOLED, which promises a display 20 percent brighter that will reflect 80 percent less sunlight outdoors. Samsung said the display technology makes the phone ideal for viewing video.

Samsung Galaxy S

The features company discussed in the unveiling event:

-- Users will be able to bring full-length movies, television shows and electronic books to their phones by direct download.

--With 1 gigahertz Samsung chip, Samsung says the device will be twice as powerful as today's average smartphone.

--The device will have a feature called social hub, which aggregates messages from social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

-- Users will be able to look at high-definition video recorded on the phone on their television screen through a wireless connection.

-- With a thickness of 9.9 millimeters, the device would be one of the slimmest in the market.

-- Samsung wants to give the Galaxy S owners a viable ebook reader option, that’s why the company said that Skiff, an ebook publishing service whose partners include the New York Times and Esquirewould, would work with Samsung to make popular newspapers and magazines available on the phone.

Galaxy S, which will compete with devices from Nokia, Motorola Inc and Apple Inc's iPhone, will be available later this year. --------

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