IE loses market share in Europe

In a post that I wrote at the beginning of this month, I shared with you the following:

“Not just 20 days have lapsed since Microsoft showing of “Web browser choice screen” to Internet Explorer users in Europe, and browser maker Opera, revealed at the beginning of this moth that Since choice screen roll out, Opera downloads have more than tripled in major European countries, such as Belgium, France, Spain, Poland and the UK. Now with just 20 more days added to the life span of choice screen and more positive signs are becoming visible. It appears thwarting a monopoly and giving players level playing ground, do benefit consumers.”

And now as we near the end of this month, more news regarding the positive effects of the choice screen roll out are becoming visible.

According to web statistics firm Statcounter, Microsoft’s IE's share of all Web surfing has in March dropped by 2.5 percentage points in France (compared to February), in Britain by 1 percentage point and in Italy by 1.3 points.

The good run of Norway's Opera Software, the fourth largest browser firm, has continued. Opera has seen downloads more than double in Europe from normal levels due to the choice screen, with downloads in Italy, Spain and Poland more than tripling.

Number 2 browser firm, Mozilla, has also seen a significant growth in the number of new Firefox users as a result of the Ballot Choice screen. The company is quite optimistic about the positive effects of the choice screen when it rolls out across all countries.

But things are not the same for all browsers which appear on the Microsoft’s choice screen. Only those who appear on the main screen (5 in number), or first sight screen, are seeing the significant growth (except IE). Those which are visible by scrolling the web page (7 in number) are not that fortunate. But no one should make a hue and cry about this aspect; as these 7 browsers have never had significant share compared to the 5 browsers, who are given the prime real estate of the choice screen.

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