Look out for evolution in Mobile Widgets in 2010-11

Those into blogging (for considerable time now) know what widgets are, for those who are new to this term, this is the explanation:

Widgets are installable Web applications that use technologies such as JavaScript and HTML. In simple; any of the blocks which show ads, visitors on Tech24hours are widgets.

Many handsets support widgets running on their home screens, where they are easily visible and accessible. But Despite the lack of standards, widgets provide an easy and convenient way to deliver simple, connected applications, especially those involving real-time data updates (just like the visitor widget at this blog).

Because widgets exploit well-understood tools and technologies, they have lower entry barriers than complex native applications, and thus can be a good first step to assess the demand for an application on a specific platform(like a reader told me to show who reads the blog, so I acceded to his demand and put a highly effective visitor widget in seconds) before undertaking expensive native development.

So look out for evolution in Mobile Widgets in 2010-11. --------

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