Look out for evolution of Mobile Web in 2010-2011

First some predictions:

--By 2011, over 85 percent of handsets shipped globally will include some form of browser.

--In mature or developed markets, like Western Europe and Japan, approximately 60 percent of handsets shipped will be smartphones with sophisticated browsing capability and the ability to render conventional HTML sites in some manner.

Now how the mobile web is going to evolve during 2010-11:

The growth in smartphones with relatively large and high-resolution screens will encourage greater numbers of people to access conventional websites on mobile devices (so it’s high time websites roll out the mobile versions of their websites/blogs), and will make it possible to deliver some B2C(Business-To-Consumer) applications using conventional Web tools without adaptation.

In mature markets, the mobile Web, along with associated Web adaptation tools, will be a leading technology for B2C mobile applications through 2012, and should be part of every organization's B2C technology portfolio. --------

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