Search by gesture in your Android phone

When someone buys a touch smart phone; there’s always a desire to perform usual phone tasks by way of finger gestures. Like freely finger scribbling an alphabet or a word on the touch screen to search for a contact or locate an application from a list of hundreds of items. But with touch smart phone culture still in its infancy, most users still have to punch alphabets on the touch keypad to type an alphabet or a word.

But good thing is, the ability to perform usual phone tasks by means of finger gestures is increasing.

The latest capability extender of touch phones is the Google Android. Called Gesture Search from Google Labs, it allows a user search his/her Android-powered device by drawing alphabet gestures on the touch screen. It allows the user to quickly find a contact, a bookmark, an application, or a music track from hundreds or thousands of items, all in one place. In addition, Gesture Search also records a user’s gesture history as the user uses it to find items for better results in future. Gesture Search currently recognizes the English alphabet and requires Android 2.0 or above. --------

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