66 out of top 100 blogs have Twitter Share Button

Bloggers do put share buttons on their blogs, some go for Digg, some for twitter, some for Facebook, some for a general share button like Addthis and still others either go for a combination or some other upcoming button.

The choice of a share button indicates what the blogger considers his/her major traffic puller at that particular moment or what social network or bookmark, according to experts, is in vogue.

But with hundreds of share buttons present and the major ones also running into hundreds; it’s always a challenge to decide which share buttons to choose and which to ignore. The decision should always be based on a simple fact: Take advantage from share buttons but do not overuse them in terms of button numbers; as overuse can make the blog look cluttered. A blog with too many share buttons kills the advantage and sometimes give a negative impression for obvious reasons.

There’s still another and more scientific approach to choosing share buttons, than what mentioned above—Get to know what the top players are doing in this regard.

A recent study by Pingdom, looks at which share buttons are used by the Technorati Top 100 blogs, and many among us who have put a Twitter share button; have something to cheer about.

"66 out of 100, top Technorati blogs have put a Twitter button" (just like us)

The number of appearances of major share buttons in top 100 technorati blogs are as below:

General share option__________58
Reddit____________________ 25
Yahoo Buzz________________16
Delicious__________________ 14
Google Buzz_______________ 6
No sharing option____________6

Interestingly, six of the top 100 blogs offered no sharing options whatsoever. This reminds me of a fellow blogger, who always says, why distract readers with share buttons; if your content is good, content will pull the traffic itself and if the readers find it useful and interesting they will go out of their way to spread the love.

Although he’s good enough to pull traffic by content power; I think putting relevant share buttons is not that bad, it’s after all beneficial. For two simple reasons: 1) web population is not found at one place, like real world clubs, restaurants, offices, homes, they are found communicating at different locations. 2) if one considers his/her blog readers valuable, then why not make things convenient for them once they are on the blog; and share buttons make things convenient for readers. --------

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