Adobe to stop developing apps for iPhone

Last year a top App store independent developer created some uneasiness among the aspiring developers when he revealed that even after having one's app in the top 20 apps of App store doesn't earn an independent developer much, compared to the investment made for the development. If I'm not wrong, he revealed something around 20 dollars a day for an app in the top 20. According to him, only big developing firms manage to earn in the App store model, as they effectively make investment to revenues work for them.

Today, when I got to know that Adobe criticized Apple's treatment of developers (Adobe included) and announced that it's going to stop developing apps for the iPhone; the revelation of the said developer came to mind instantly. So no additional investments from Adobe on iPhone and iPad development.

In addition, Adobe is also contemplating to stop working on the Flash-to-iPhone converter (in simple Flash application for iPhone. Although the company will still be shipping the ability to target the iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5.

It is most likely that Adobe took the decision not on the investment question; but still when it says anyone who choose to develop for the iPhone should be prepared for Apple to reject or restrict their development anytime and for any reason; then one is bound to think on one question, is the Application development unfair to developers.

The debate not restricted to Apple but other giants as well. --------

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