Apple iPad owners beware of a new virus

According to BitDefender, a new virus, Backdoor.Biforse.ADDY, is attacking PCs via a supposed iPad update. So the virus is possibly first of its kind that is programmed to attack Apple iPads.

According to BitDefender, emails are going out that announce an update to iTunes for iPad, claiming it's the first step to updating the iPad operating system. When iPad owners land on the page, which looks like a legitimate download page for iTunes, and download what they think is an update for their iPad, they become infected with the new virus, which infects explorer.exe and opens a backdoor allowing access and control over the affected machine.

Backdoor.Biforse.ADDY , also attempts to read serial numbers and keys of various pieces of installed software on the system and logs passwords to ICQ, Messenger, mail accounts and protected storage.

Although the virus does not affect Mac users, still heightened caution by Mac users will be good too.

One good way to protect one’s iPad’s from any threat is to look for any updates at the official Apple iTunes website. --------

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