Download Twitter app for BlackBerry

Twitter has recently announced that Research in Motion, the maker of Blackberry, has created a new Twitter application for BlackBerry devices. The application is free.

Twitter for Blackberry smartphones, includes the following features:

 the application (also called client) enables Blackberry users to tailor the way @replies and direct messages come to their device, and new messages (twitter direct messages) are sent in real-time for instant user response.

 Customizable interface for changing fonts, hiding tool bars, etc.

 Camera and photo gallery integration: users can take photos using their Blackberry built-in camera and share photos using the application.

 Email/twitter message and twitter username intergration: If a user receives an email or text message which includes an @username, it is linked to the Twitter app profile page.

 Twitter lists integration: Users can also build, view and edit Twitter lists.

 Inbox integration so that a user can read his/her Twitter direct messages along side their email and text messages: Provides notice of tweets and re-tweets, allows users to search Twitter for keywords (Search for users, content, and trending topics etc.), and the layout has been optimised for the smaller screens on BlackBerry devices.

 Automatically shortening of long links: Links are automatically shortened without the need to visit a third-party site.

 app runs in the background, allowing BlackBerry users to continue checking emails or surfing the internet while still sending and receiving tweets.

 No support for Trending Topics: There is currently no support for trending topics, but as the application is still in Beta( or development) state, RIM hopes to add this feature in time for the client's full release in the coming months.

 Localized for French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese

A blackberry user can download the blackberry twitter application from HERE.

The application requires:
 a 64MB BlackBerry smartphone
 750KB of available BlackBerry smartphone memory
and BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.5 or later. --------

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