Facebook to launch Facebook Lite

Facebook is going to launch Facebook Lite soon. Facebook Lite is a simpler or lighter version of Facebook and trims down profiles to basic information and a stream of status updates. Some are even concluding it to be a twitter like service.

Currently in testing, limited number of users has access to Facebook Lite (http://lite.facebook.com/). Those who do not make a part of the group will be transferred to normal Facebook if they try to access Facebook Lite.

Why is Facebook launching a lighter version of itself:

1) In recent times Facebook has seen a big increase in usesr who are using Facebook for the first time. A slimmed down version is for this first time social media consumer.

2) Facebook has just started to make its presence felt in developing countries. For example the number of Facebook users in India in the last one year has grown five times (compared to last year). As developing countries have slower PCs and slower internet connections; Facebook wants to make inroads in these countries with a lighter, fast loading version.

3) Some people are calling Facebook Lite a twitter like service. If one sees the launch from this perspective, there are sufficient grounds to believe the same. In recent times Facebook has tried hard to stay abreast of Twitter in the race to own the “real-time streaming Web.” Facebook has even tried to acquire Twitter, but couldn’t. And now, last week it acquired the significantly smaller real-time streaming site FriendFeed.

Who will be able to access Facebook Lite at present: If a person lives in an emerging nation (just like I) then he/she will be able to access Facebook Lite. --------

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