How to create multiple twitter accounts using same gmail id

Twitter asks for a valid email id to create a new twitter account. For an average web user this is not a big deal. As everyone with an online presence has atleast one working email id.

But for marketers, bloggers etc. who keep evolving new strategies; one email address for one twitter account does present a bottle neck.

The lengthy way, that most multiple twitter account holders make use of, to get over this obstacle is to create a new email id and submit it for the new twitter account.

But there’s an easy way out.

The trick makes use of one simple fact of Gmail and Google Apps email address:

In Gmail, the presence and position of an added dot (or dots) doesn’t change the original gmail id(Gmail will automatically ignore the periods in the username); although it tricks twitter to treat it as a valid unused email id.

So if your gmail id is : , that has already been submitted to a twitter account.

Then , , can be used to create three twitter accounts. All pointing to your original gmail id. So all the notifications from all the three twitter accounts reaching your inbox.

So by placing dot (.) at different locations within the gmail username, one can create a number of twitter accounts. --------

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