How to make your Google bookmarks public

Sometimes we fail to see things for one simple reason-- we assume it to be following the convention.

So when we bookmark a blog post on Google, with the desire to pull some more traffic; we are least bothered to check what the Google bookmarks are by Defualt--‘public’ pr ‘private’. We know that Delicious bookmarks are by default ‘public’; which we can make private by ticking a checkbox; so we unconsciously assume Google bookmarks to be the same.

But Google bookmarks, are not following the Delicious convention. Google bookmarks are indeed by default ‘PRIVATE’. And cannot be made ‘Public’. Ya there’s no option for doing so in the bookmarks page.

So if you are religiously bookmarking your blog posts without making an extra effort to make the bookmarks ‘public’, then you’re not helping your objective.

So how to make Google bookmarks ‘public’.

To achieve this Google has included the provision of Lists.

Here’s how Google bookmarks can be made ‘public’ via Lists:

Step 1: Bookmark the post. You’ll reach the page showing all of your bookmarks (Look at the top, it’s by default ‘Private’; which can’t be made ‘Public’)

Step 2: Click on ‘Create new List’ link on the left sidebar. Give your list a name, an optional description and create list.

Step 3: Your new list is created and adjacent to the list title, it’s shown ‘private’. Click on ‘private’ and a drop down menu will open. Choose ‘public’. With this you have made your list visible to the world.

Step 4: Return back to your bookmarks. Check the posts that you want to share with the world. Click on the ‘Copy to List’ dropdown box just above the bookmarks. Select the newly created list.

Your selected bookmarks are added to the newly created list and are now visible to the entire world.

So next time you use some bookmarking service, don't assume it to be 'Public' by default. --------


Anonymous said...

The fact that private bookmarks can NOT be made/converted to public in a ONE click method or ALL bookmarks set to public as DEFAULT is plain stupid and a waste of users time!

jorget said...

Bookmark list have also limitations. There does not seem to be an easy way to make the list display brief. The lists also do not display the original bookmark labels. Still some way to go to make Google a really useful research tool.

Mr Bisht said...

@hans51________thanks for the comment. Keep sharing your views.

Mr Bisht said...

@jogret___________What you say can be partially right; but this is not entirely correct or wrong.

Thanks for the comment. Keep sharing your views.

Unknown said...

you are very helpful thanks so much that was a main problem for me

X said...

After making a list public, how can a friend find it? Does a public list get assigned a specific URL? If so, how do I find out what the URL is? I tried the share list feature, but I keep getting email address errors.

Jeff Hopp said...

Thanks for the tip. I also assumed that my bookmarks would be public and was surprised to find that they weren't. There seems to be an "add to list" button you can add to your toolbar that I plan to install.

Aksel Bratvedt said...

Thanks for the info.. It's a big help!

Unknown said...

I find there is no 'create a list' option on the sidebar. Where is it? Pls help.