Microsoft set to announce Project Pink phone next week

According to sources familiar to Microsoft’s ‘Project Pink’, the company is set to announce "Project Pink" phones early next week.

[ Project Pink is a multiple smart phone development project by Microsoft in which phones are heavily targeted towards young users of Social networking sites. ]

The Project Pink phones are to sold by top U.S. mobile operator Verizon Wireless, although phones, as obvious, will have a different name when the launch is officially announced.

On the basis of some photos leaked to a tech blog last month, the new phones appear to be stylish, updated versions of Microsoft's Sidekick device, which is popular with the youth market. This also give credence to the rumours that the company wants to attract young social media users with PP phones.

The new phones, which likely won't be on the market until summer, are to be made by Sidekick manufacturer Sharp Corp, sources said. --------

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