Reasons Ether books puts for offering content on mobiles

A new publishing company is asserting that in coming time, readers will bypass electronic readers such as Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader in favor of reading content on mobile devices they already own. Although the company, seems to keep Apple iPad out of the e-readers bypassed list.

The publishing company Ether books will begin on Monday by offering a catalog of short stories, essays and poetry initially via Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, by authors including Alexander McCall-Smith and Louis de Bernieres.

The company makes for its case on the following reasoning (and may be some research too):
With about over 1 billion mobile phones expected to sell worldwide this year, compared with just a few million e-readers; offering readers content on the mobile devices they already own or buy in coming time makes for a good business sense.

Regarding, the initial content offering just to Apple iPhone and iPod alone; the company says that : with Apple already having sold more than 85 million iPhone and iPod touch devices (compared to a few million e-readers), and the recent launch and sales of iPad tablet PCs; offering content on a restricted brands of mobile devices still makes sense.

I personally find the mobile screen too small any productive reading. But the company says it’s happy to get 10-15 mins of attention during a mobile user’s spare time; then one can leave the productive argument aside.

The logic which goes in favour of Ether books, other than the ones already stated are:
The presence of a mobile device everywhere and every time; more than e-readers. The evolution of touch screens in smart phones and; they getting better web connectivity and increasing local storage.

Do you think Ether books is right in targeting mobile devices ? And Do you like reading content on your mobiles ? --------

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