Share of spams in all twitter tweets

Twitter says the general definition of spam (meaning an unwanted email) cannot be applied to Twitter network. Twitter considers the following variety of different behaviors as spamming activities:

 Posting harmful links to phishing or malware sites
 Repeatedly posting duplicate tweets
 Aggressively following and un-following accounts to attract attention


But Twitter says it’s fighting spam effectively making them decline with each passing day: Look at the graph below:
Twitter spam graph-- Click on the Image to Enlarge

According to its spam definition, Twitter considers Less than 1% of tweets per day as spam and we work diligently to reduce that percentage.

To help twitter fight spam, users can click the "report for spam" link on any suspicious profile page. This action alerts us about the account and blocks the account from following or replying to you. Those users who like sending tweets, can also send a tweet to @spam, to report any spamming activity. --------

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