A Tablet from Nokia later 2010

It seems the initial reluctance or the artificial reluctance of PC and mobile makers for tablet PCs has increasingly been vanished by Apple’s iPad.

According to a technology sector analyst, the world's top cellphone maker, Nokia, is working on its own tablet computer, scheduled to reach stores later this year (expected to be on shelves around September-October). Analysts expect the device to use either Microsoft Corp's Windows software or the new MeeGo operating system (the software venture of Nokia and Intel Corp aimed mostly at the tablet market.

Many other handset makers and PC vendors, including Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Hewlett-Packard Co are expected to bring their tablets in coming months.

It’s notable that Nokia entered the PC industry last year when it introduced its first laptop. Another noteworthy bit is that it took almost two years for the Nokia after Apple launched iPhone, to roll out its first phone model with a large touch screen. Although the company has been selling small phone-like devices for browsing the Internet since 2005 (with limited success).

So comparing Nokia’s launch of first touchscreen device with the company’s first tablet PC to appear later this year; it can be said that the Finnish company is quite fast in embracing the tablet trend. --------

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