Vodafone to launch Opera Mini browser on low-cost handsets in emerging markets

According to Reuters, British mobile telecoms group Vodafone has said that it will launch the Opera Mini browser on low-cost handsets; so that its millions of users in emerging markets can easily access the Internet.

The company had worked with Opera to develop an enhanced version of its Opera Mini 5, which gives Internet access to lower and mid-tier handsets connected to the more basic second generation, or 2G, networks.

The news has brought a rise in the Vodafone shares, indicating that the move is taken positively by investors and the industry. With mobiles quite popular in emerging countries like India (with basic phones having the bearshare) and majority of network comprising of second generation or 2G; the positive feedback can be understood.

The initiative is being rolled out in India, South Africa, Turkey, Tanzania and Egypt to start with, with other markets expected to follow in the near future. --------

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