What BazaarVoice integration with Google Product search means?

Michael Della Penna, of Participatory Media Network, recently said in one of his articles that the ability to create conversations will be important for any marketer/company in coming time, than ever. Michael accords importance to conversations not because companies/brands have started conversing with users on twitter or Facebook but also because conversation among service provider and user, has reached such a level that even an iota of dishonesty from the company/brand’s side can result in a serious backlash. A backlash, Michael sums up as: “fear of the social media unknown”. You can find his article here.

In the past few years consumers are increasingly conversing with each other before buying heading for a buy. Companies sensing this have started conversing with consumers more than any time too. So whosoever is talking to whom, the simple fact is conversations are happening.

So, one can believe Michael when he says conversations will rule in the times to come.

Google’s recent partnership with Bazaar voice, a service which helps brands converse with their users, to integrate Bazaar voice’s reviews content into Google’s product search should be seen from Michael’s forecast regarding conversations. --------

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