What will happen if Google indexing goes real time ?

We saw a surge in twitter page rank from the time Google started including real time twitter search results in Google search. Now we are hearing that Google is developing a system that would provide real-time notifications to subscribers of content when there is new content or updates being made (in short this in a way means Google Indexing Goes Real-Time).

If the news happens to be authentic and If Google Indexing actually Goes Real-Time, then What will it mean for Ranking?

Below are some of the possibilities:

1)  A small blog/site which posts new content every 30 mins, will start showing positively in the search engines. As its pages will start indexing with click of the publish button.

2)  Emanating from the possibility discussed in the point one; spammers will try to abuse this aspect of real time indexing; and they will start pushing spam every 5 min. So search engines will need a proper mechanism to take care of this aspect.

3)  In addition to the not so useful updates, useful and well researched information will also start hitting the web very fast. As reputable blogs and websites will have to update themselves fast enough to beat small but fast updating blogs/websites.

4)  Unless search engines have in place proper mechanisms to grade the search results; getting useful information from a search will become difficult. --------

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