wordpress comment plugin

Bloggers love wordpress for its great plugins. One can find wordpress plugin for almost every task -- shopping cart, photo gallery and so. You wish for a wordpress addon and chances are you'll find it. As these plugins help blog traffic in a big way and hence are quite popular.

One such useful plugin which although quite useful, but still pretty unheard of is comLuv-- A wordpress comment plugin.

The basic premise behind the existence of this wordpress comment plugin is one simple fact: People don't search for blogs on search engines; they stumble new blogs while present on a blog. In other words, blogs themselves help readers find blogs.

So what comLuv wordpress comment plugin does is-- it helps blog owners and readers find useful and exciting blogs. This is how it accomplishes the task. Every time a reader puts a comment on a post, his/her comment is accompanied by the title link of his/her blog's recent post. As a result not only the owner gets to know about the reader's blog but other readers as well.

I'm not exaggerating the reality, but comLuv is plugin indeed helps blog owners increase their blog traffic. Without stretching the point too much, you would also have heard that commenting increases blog traffic and it rank.

Note: comLuv has become a paid service now. But with only 5 dollars a year, the plugin at present is dirt cheap. --------

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