Intel unveils Atom processors for smartphones

With the basic belief that Mobiles are becoming more and more like computers, intel has unveiled Atom processors for smartphones (and tablets). The first devices to use the second generation of Atom processors should appear in the second half of 2010. And the device is likely to be tablet.

In addition, the smartphones powered by Atom chips would have android os. Others using the MeeGo and Moblin Linux-based operating systems are also expected.

According to Intel, the processors were built to use as little power as possible to ensure they were fit for mobiles. But the company has failed outings on this front on this front.

The company plans to cut power consumption by separating the processing elements of the chips into 19 power islands, each one of which effectively handles a separate task such as video decoding or audio playback. With the silicon islands not in use turned off. The power consumption claims by the company suggest that a smartphone built around the Atom chips would get 10 days of standby power. For the same full battery it could offer 48 hours of audio playback, five hours of 720p video or six hours of 3G calls. --------

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