Number of tweets twitter will be handling by April 2011

According to Pingdom, Twitter processed 1.76 billion tweets in April. This number is significantly more than what twitter handled in January (1.2 billion tweets) this year. Thus compared to January, twiiter handled Forty Seven percent more tweets in April. And this pace is awesome.

And the growth in number of tweets has continued for a long time now. Twitter’s month-by-month growth in tweets the last six months looks like this:

• Nov 2009: 16.8%
• Dec 2009: 16.6%
• Jan 2010: 16.9%
• Feb 2010: 15.6%
• Mar 2010: 16.3%
• Apr 2010: 15.4%

Over these last six months, the average growth per month in the number of tweets compared to the previous month is 16.3% and there is no exception in this regard, as no month has deviated much from this average value. So we can safely predict the number of tweets twitter will be processing by April 2011, on the basis of the above average.

Pingoat observes that the consistency of tweet growth is interesting. Looking back farther, Twitter’s growth rates were not this consistent from month to month, but it looks like Twitter’s growth has reached a rather stable rate and it has held for half a year now.

Hence assuming that Twitter manages to keep up this growth rate for the rest of the year, and then growing 16.3 percent month on month, the number of tweets twitter will be handling by April 2011 will be humongous.
Below are the projected numbers of tweets from May 2010 to April 2011:

May 2010_________________2.05 billion
Jun 2010_________________2.38 billion
Jul 2010_________________2.77 billion
Aug 2010_________________3.22 billion
Sep 2010_________________3.74 billion
Oct 2010_________________4.35 billion
Nov 2010_________________5.06 billion
Dec 2010_________________5.88 billion
Jan 2011_________________6.84 billion
Feb 2011_________________7.95 billion
Mar 2011_________________9.25 billion
Apr 2011________________10.76 billion

Thus going by the above projections: Twitter will handle more than 10 billion tweets by April 2011. --------

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