Opera browser benefits from iPhone presence

According to Opera, quoted here, its Internet browser for Apple's iPhone was downloaded more than 2.6 million times in April, an exciting development after the Norwegian company got access to iPhone as the first rival browser. On April 13, Apple accepted distribution of Opera's browser for its iPhone after a long review, opening a new and potentially lucrative market it has so far closely guarded.

The new platform (Apple iPhone) contributed 70 percent of user growth in the month of April.
Opera Mini (Opera’s browser for mobiles) is the world's most widely used cellphone browser.

Opera not only saw iPhone users at least trying its browser, but nice usage too.

Opera's browser promises up to six times faster download speeds than Apple's own browser, and to cut data traffic by up to 90 percent. Apple’s approval of Opera, roots from the fact that massive data traffic from iPhones has caused problems for many operators' networks (a cause of concern of Apple too). --------

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