Professional social networking gained during economic downturn

A year and half ago, when people around the world started experiencing the bad effects of the economic downturn, professional social networking companies like LinkedIn, Viadeo started seeing a growth in their membership, as tens of millions of consumers from around the world have sought to widen their "safety networks" fearing worsening economies and started spending more time on LinkdIn compared to Facebook.

To make use of the prevalent insecurity, professional social networks put new resources in bettering their networks and maintained the growth in numbers.

Now the same professional social networking companies are recovering well from the recession, boosted by a surge in members, and growth in fees from advertisers and recruiters. That’s all the hard work put by them in the thin is paying them now.

It’s not that the networks have passed the growth in membership stage, boosted by the economic downturn; as even though people believe that the worst is over, theirs is still continuing uncertainties over sustainability of the recovery and European economic problems are still boosting the take-up of services.

This mix is faring well, for the moment now, for the Pro social networks. --------

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