Apple sells 2 million iPads in first 60 days

Apple has recently said that it has sold 2 million iPads in the first two months of beginning of sales.

Apple's milestone is considerably higher than most Wall Street analysts' projections earlier this year. Shortly after Jobs unveiled the iPad in January, analysts estimated that Apple would sell between 175,000 and 778,000 iPads monthly (or 2.1 million to 9.3 million in the first year if momentum remains). The 778,000 iPads a month (and 6.2 million for the year) sales prediction came from Brian Marshall of BroadPoint AmTech on Jan. 28. Going by Apple’s own admission now, Marshall seems to be most accurate with the sales prediction. Since then, Marshall has raised his iPad estimate to seven million, while industry research firms such as Gartner have pegged the number at eight million.

On the basis of Apple’s own admission: Apple has sold 181,818 iPads per week in the 11 weeks since the March 12 start of pre-orders in the U.S. If sales remain at that level, Apple will sell another 5.6 million in the remaining 31 weeks in 2010, taking the sales number to 7.6 million iPads for the full year. The revealed numbers include pre-orders in the U.S., which began March 12, that were fulfilled April 3, when the tablet officially hit retail in US.

With Apple expanding sales in coming months and the launch of the iPad in nine more countries in July, and still others later this year; numbers can be higher. --------

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