A democratic way to earn money on twitter

Anyone who harbours some wish to earn money thru twitter would have tried sponsoredtweets, Ad.ly and similar programs. But after waiting for days for the first sponsored tweet, and not getting any, if they have convinced themselves of the futility of such programs for small twitter users (users with small number of followers); then they have indeed came up to the right conclusion. All the above mentioned programs, no doubt are the superstars of twitter monetization, but accept the fact -- There is nothing attractive in these programs for small twitter users. So any twitter user's conclusion, that if he/she don't have the following like Kim Kardashian, John Chow and other big people, then, he/she has no chance to effectively monetize his/her twitter account using the existing monetization programs is quite true.

The reason: Twitter like real world is not very democratic. Opportunities don’t come to all. And sometimes come only to big and mighty.

That said; let I share with you a really democratic program of twitter monetization. Named MyLikes, this program converges advertisers and publishers (social media users, currently twitter and Facebook, and bloggers) together and provides the publishers the money earning opportunities. But unlike Sponsored Tweets, which makes account holders wait for money paying tweets from advertisers; MyLikes lists all the advertiser tweets available on a page, along with Pay per Click remuneration. A user just has to choose the ad he/she wants to tweet to his/her followers and is paid on the basis of number of clicks the tweet manages to get.
The program is good; a testimony to this is that nearly all big publications like The New York Times, Read Write Web, Venture Beat, San Francisco Chronicle, and Techcrunch have said good things about it.

You try it too, it’s really democratic. --------

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