List things you can do for 5 dollars

July 12 2010 UPDATE ===>> Fiverr has removed the $40 withdrawal limit (we knew that to happen, read post below):

* Unlimited Withdrawal. You can now withdraw your revenues as soon as they are cleared. The $40 limit on withdrawals is now gone.
* Re-use revenues. You can now choose to use your revenues as cash, when ordering gigs from other sellers.
* New Balance Dashboard. View your sales and purchases in one place.

Now If you are a professional(or an ordinary internet user) providing services to people on internet, then think whether the service you provide can be rendered for 5 dollars; if yes, then an interesting service called Fiverr can help you increase your reach.
Just register at Fiverr and tell the world -- What you are willing to do for 5 dollars.

Fiverr -- is a place for people to share things they're willing to do for $5. And just by opening a Fiverr account you will be amazed to see the creativity people are putting to earn some well deserved or quick money.

Like a guy is willing to "Make 20 high quality comments on any website for 5 dollars". No wonder his 5 dollar pitch is listed on the Fiverr homepage (based on popularity).

One can not only list the things one can do for 5 dollars; but also make an advertisement(called Gigs) for things one wants to get done for the same amount.

But one thing that I didn't like about Fiverr is the '$40 limit on withdrawal'. But as this can prove to be a real hindrance in growing Fiverr popularity; one can expect the 'the $40 withdrawal limit' to go within few weeks.

All esteemed publications have said good things about Fiverr. So worth a try. --------


Charleen Larson said...

I'm a big Fiverr fan. I've bought so many gigs I had to create a spreadsheet to track them all. Amazing stuff. One guy wrote me a silly song that's perfect for a video I'm shooting. Five other sellers photoshopped pics for use in the video. And I'll hire a Fiverr user to edit the whole shebang. Anyone who has a blog or website should look into Fiverr -- there are tons of services available for a mere 5 smackers.

Mr Bisht said...

@Charleen Larson_______When I stumbled on at Fiverr, I marvelled the simplicity of the concept. As you said one can source great service using Fiverr. I think the biggest selling point of the concept is the 5 dollar cap that can still get best service.

Unknown said...

Sounds like Fiverr if a nice place if you are a slave driver.
$3.92 is not going to cut it. I gig at 7freelance and it pays the full $7 and no commissions taken.
I make twice the money of fiverr for the same amount of time I spend on the gigs.