Nearly 5 million Skype iPhone 3G application downloads in first three days

Nearly 5 million consumers have downloaded a Skype Web telephony application till Wednesday morning that was launched Sunday 30 May 2010, allowing users of Apple Inc's iPhone to use privately held Skype's service over the cellular network for the first time.

Before the launch of the application for use on high-speed third generation (3G) networks on May 30, consumers could only use Skype on their iPhone when they had access to Wi-Fi, a short-range wireless technology found in Wi-Fi enabled venues called hotspots, like coffee shops, homes and offices.

According to Skype Spokesperson, the app saw a good mix of demand across Skype's three main operating regions: Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region.

Skype plans to charge for 3G calls between Skype users next year. This announcement is greeted by widespread criticism, as Skype-to-Skype calls have always been free whether subscribers use it on their computer or their cellphone, contributing much to Skype’s popularity. Skype reasoned the transition to paid calls, for the need of funds for investments needed to ensure that the quality of 3G Skype calls stays high. --------

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