Toshiba launches dual-screen PC

Toshiba on Monday launched a dual-screened mini notebook PC that can be used as an e-book reader (a tablet), adding to competition for the likes of Apple Corp's iPad and's Kindle.

Libretto W100 (Click on the image to Enlarge)

The new gadget, Libretto W100, which can be used like a conventional notebook PC with a software keyboard, or turned 90 degrees for use as an e-book reader, will go on sale in Japan in late August and later in Europe, the United States and other markets.

The company has yet to draw up any agreements with content providers.

Experts expect the new device to retail for about 120,000 yen ($1,320) in Japan.

Compared with $489 for the larger of Amazon's Kindle devices, or $499 for the cheapest iPad, Libretto W100 will be for more than a passive "consumption" experience.

Toshiba is targeting global PC shipments of 25 million units in the year to March 2011.Although Toshiba made a loss of $97 million in its PC business in the year ending march 2010, the company expects its PC division to break even in the year to March 2011. --------

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