Where Apple iPhone 4 camera stands amongst the competition ?

At the bottom of the stack: At 5 mega Pixel

Below is a brief mention of the megapixel cameras Apple iPhone challengers like HTC, Motorola and Nokia etc have embraced in recent times:

HTC, Motorola and Nokia-- 8-megapixel and 12-megapixel cameras.

Verizon and Motorola unveil the Droid X on Wednesday, the newest Google Android phone, features an 8-megapixel camera.

Android phone giant HTC has also been generous with 8-megapixel cameras in its Droid Incredible and Sprint's EVO.

If one looks at the present day offerings, most phones have transitioned to a 8 mega pixel camera. With a 5 Mega pixel camera this year, Apple, will be graduating to higher pixels not earlier than next year; by the time who knows where the rest of the competition will be? --------

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