Amazon lowers Kindle price for the second time

Can’t say whether it’s the Apple iPad’s mind boggling sales in the first sixty days of arrival(2 million iPad sales) or a more strategic decision from Amazon (Kindle sells as people read books on it which Amazon sells); but Inc has cut the price on its most expensive Kindle electronic reader.

Last week, Amazon cut the price of its cheaper Kindle with a 6-inch screen to $189, hours after bookstore chain Barnes & Noble Inc lowered the price of its "Nook" e-reader to $199. Both were previously selling for $259.

The price cut on Thursday was on the Kindle DX, which comes with a 9.7-inch screen. The company said it updated that reader to include a new graphite enclosure and a new, high contrast electronic ink display. The reader will sell for $379, down from $489, and have free 3G wireless connection with no monthly bills or annual contracts, as the earlier model did, the company said. The new Kindle DX is available for pre-order starting today and it ships July 7.

Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 9.7" Display, White, 3G Works Globally – 2nd Generation

As said earlier the recent price cuts by Amazon and B &N, could be more than just the big uneasiness brought to forth by Apple’s iPad, a tablet which also functions as an e-book reader. The decision may be a strategic one, which says that as both Amazon and B &N sell e-readers which people use to read a big collection of books which both Amazon and B&N sell; hence the both the manufacturers have lowered the price to drive the sales of e-books that they sell. Some experts even feel that if priced correctly, e-books would make up for any losses on the e-readers themselves and prices of e-readers could even go to zero. This is not the case for Apple IPad, the lowest version of which is still selling at $499. --------

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