Average number of unfollows of a twitter user

ManageFlitter, a service which helps a twitter user trace and unfollow those Twitter users who he/she doesn't want to follow either, has shared an interesting stat on their blog. But before the stat itself, Why would anyone want to unfollow someone who's not following him/her back? Well the reason may be any. Like, "why should I follow this person when all he's doing is clutter my Twitter Timeline!". Or a more sound reason, "Why should I follow this person, when he's not returning the favor!". If Twitter following matters on your ability to use Twitter as a platform to make money online, then the latter reason is sufficient enough to unfollow someone. If you're not getting useful tweets from a person, why follow him, to inflate his/her following! 

Coming back to the stat. It says,

“We've (ManageFlitter) unfollowed 24378535 people for 6422 users in the past 4 months”. 
The stat is interesting, as going by it, the average number of users a twitter user unfollowed in the 4 months period is 3796.

Does that number surprise you? ... You say, not a bit.

Those Twitter users who use Twitter to make money online, do have high unfollows. Particularly when they're after serious money. This is a basic way of keeping their Twitter account in good shape. The idea is -- Why follow a person, and inflate his Twitter following, when the other person is not returning the favor. The large number of unfollows shows this usual inclination to unfollow.

ManageFlitter thus becomes a very useful application. It's quite easy to use. Simply connect your Twitter account, and once connected you will see those ungrateful fellows. It not only traces those who're not following you back, but also allows bulk unfollowing.

You can sign up for a FREE Account Today, Right NOW. You can upgrade to a pro account any time you want to.

Quite a useful application.

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