Global search rankings Q2 2010: Google's loss Baidu's gain

In the second quarter of 2010(Apr-Jun 2010) the global search engine rankings along with their market share is as below(data research firm Strategy Analytics (SA)):

Google_____________________69.7 percent
Yahoo___________________________5.4 percent
Microsoft________________________4.8 percent
Baidu (a Chinese seach engine)_______4.6 percent

The second quarter global search rankings saw a decline in market share for Google. Google which had a share of 71.1 percent in the secong quarter of previous year, had to settle for 69.7 percent in second quarter 2010. And though to some this will come out as a surprise, but Google’s loss of share is gained by Baidu, a Chinese search engine.

As Google at one instant nearly quit from China, that costed it its search share in China. The loss in portrayed in Google’s global market share, is primarily what it lost in China.

Google’s loss in China manifested itself so visibly as Western search market have reached maturity and Google has struggled of late to gain share in the fastest-growing Asian markets, for different reasons.

Not only this, Asian markets have become even more important for Google, as Google's search revenue growth continues to slow down as well, for the same above reason. --------

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