Google Discontinues Nexus One

Google has announced that it’s discontinuing Nexus One.

Google Nexus One Unlocked Phone

Read Write Web thinks that the dismal sales numbers for Nexus One, despite coming in second in ReadWriteWeb's 2010 Best of the Web poll, made Google discontinue the android based phone. Notably, in the same amount of time it took Apple to sell 1 million iPhones, Google only sold 135,000 of the Android-powered Nexus.

Although, now Google is discontinuing the Nexus One altogether and on July 16, the company announced that it received its final order from the phone's manufacturer, HTC; Customers will still be able to buy the Nexus One in Europe and developers will be able to tweak it for the time being. Nexus One will continue to be sold by partners including Vodafone in Europe, KT in Korea, and possibly others based on local market conditions.

Viewing the Google Nexus One discontinuation from Google’s Android operating system and Google’s perspective—Android seems to be in no danger, as apart from Nexus One, the os is running on a number of devices. A comprehensive presence that by one measure is helping Android even outpace iOS. So there’s not much impact of the discontinuation on Android’s prospects.
But as Nexus One was Google’s first attempt at selling a phone, the failure to make the phone a success gave an impression not only to others, but also to the search giant itself that manufacturing and marketing hardware is outside its comfort zone. And that in a way is a big step backward. --------

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